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Moblogging Uptake Weak, Even in Japan. So?

[TheFeature] A new study shows Japanese aren’t moblogging, but they still send snapshots to other handsets. If carriers want people to moblog more, we look at some interface improvement suggestions from around the web. This kind of somewhat shallow and rushed article makes me wanna speak like Andrew Orlowski. I mean, the title is misleading […]

Japanese Artists

Updated For Japanese contemporary art, take art collection aims to provide great artworks by Japanese contemporary artists, mainly introducing screenprints and photo works. In addition to being on an internet gallery, the art fair called “take art collection” takes place every year at Spiral Garden, 1st floor of Spiral building. At this art fair, various […] launch

After a few weeks development, we are launching, a new design blog (edited with my good friend Paulus Dreibholz) documenting the influence of internet on print design. We want it to be a platform to record the ongoing cross-breeding and a vector to help designers devise new approaches to narratives.

Really personalised advertising

[] Greg Elin had the best idea at the LazyWeb as Competitive Sport BOF last night. He wants a way to dump calendar items, tasks, and the like out of his calendaring system (iCal, Outlook, etc.) and have those items display as ads on the web sites that he visits. So, when he goes to […]

First moblog entry… from my bedroom

I bought an air-H card on Sunday and I can finally update my blog on the move as well as check email and internet and many more things!! I can actually load the movabletype interface on the Clie Browser called NetFront which is in its version 3.0 This is how I posted this entry today. […]

World’s first meetup invitation via moblog?

Mie from Tokyo Tidbits had a drink yesterday with Adam Greenfield. She was moblogging the meeting and invited us readers to join them at the bar. Right, nobody showed up and I swear that it’s only because I was already out with a friend of mine and didn’t know what was going on. Obviously, this […]


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