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Solar-powered game

[] A GameBoy Advance title “Boktai” uses sunlight as an essential part of the game. The amount of light determines the amount of power your hero has to defeat his enemies. The content of the game changes according to time: – the Undead come out at night and stay in dungeons during the day and […]

new tatoo

Shelley Jackson is looking for 2095 people to each get a tattoo of a single word from her novel Skin. To keep company to the tatoo i got on my right hand palm a few years ago, I eventually decided to take part in this piece of mortal art. If you too want to participate, […]

mind mapping

[Widgetopia] As sites have grown larger and more complex, ways to navigate them is changing. The hyperbolic tree shows promise. The one found at the XRCE website is particularly easy to understand and navigate. are also using a similar navigation tree for their Brain of words and terms related to Artificial Intelligence. It is […]

Tokyo to ban panty trade

[Japan Today News] The Tokyo metropolitan assembly intends to ban trade in girls’ underwear by sex shops in a set of proposals on juvenile issues drafted by a government advisory panel, officials said Monday. So it was true…

safely lose money in Japan

Last year, I lost about 25,000yen (about $250) in Roppongi. I had the bills in my pocket with my mobile phone, a rare case, and I was watching closely as I knew that the bills could fall if I was to pick up the phone. My mobile rang and I lost the money. Not in […]

The origins of carrots

Now I never knew that until i read it in the Guardian last year, but i couldn’t believe it, and we weren’t near the 1st of April. a red and a green carrot … two kinds of carrots, one “red,” juicy and tasty; and one green blending into yellow but coarser than red


Habitat Perspectives by Marcos Weskamp is one of the 2 best shots at trying to link place and space with the participation of people. SuperFuture being the other one. Imagine if both could become one?! If you have a GPS equipped mobile phone you can take part in this new adventure. Let’s anotat”ing” the world. […]

bilingual codeswitching

Ever had a conversation ( where you find yourself switching repeatedly from one language to another (even at the sentence level)? I do that too with English & French. Most of the points raised in the discussion are fascinating.


The best moblog I have seen: Visualog. Up there with yours Carsten of course. Would that guy release the code of his moblog for world stardom?

I was bit here!

Hilarious moblog post of a guy who’s just been bitten by a mosquito. He added a GPS map link of where he was at that instant.


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