Things I’ll never build – Part MCLIV – WordPress Instagram Liked Plugin

This idea was inspired by one of my favorite Instagram features: see what pics have been Liked by my friends. Although there are already a number of Instagram related WP plugins, all of them are about displaying galleries of my own pics on my blog.
This one would, once a given span, post to my WordPress blog the last X instagram pics I have taken or liked. To be precise, it would:
  • let me choose the number of max pics it could post
  • show only my pics or also the ones I’ve recently liked
  • display the account name and link to the original photo
  • not show the pics that are set to private
  • let me choose the size of the photos and layout
  • post a notification to Twitter or FB.
I think that it’s a great way to:
  • turn non-users to users by showing them the beauty of Instagram
  • find new people to follow (turn non-followers to followers)
  • see cool photos taken by people connected to my friends without having to follow new users
  • give a second life to pics that have been taken a few days ago and that already have all but disappeared into the ether by sending them back in the loop via a blog post.
Well, I guess that it could also work as a standalone service (Instaliked?), like the ones I have detailed in this post on Instagram web apps round-up.
Anyway, here are 5 Instapics I like!
Oh, and since you’re asking, yes, there is a Things I’ll never build – Part MCLIII
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  1. This is actally  a pretty good idea!


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