Upgrading Photo Galleries

Following recent hackings into my photo galleries, I have decided to do a little clean up and upgrade here and there.

Updated: Actually not upgrading to Gallery 2, my current Gallery software is so heavily customized that it would take me months to upgrade and make the same mods again… And there isn’t a moblog module for G2 yet.
So despite wanting to keep my pics on my server, I have decided to finally switch to Flickr!! I mean, all my friends are there anyway!

200$ for the first person coming up with a script using the flickr API to import all my 3500+ pics from Gallery to Flickr.

It needs to:
– put all my pics in Flickr sets named after the current albums in Gallery.
– transform all Gallery keywords into Flickr tags and preserve them for all pics.
– preserve all captions.
– transfer current comments into the captions on Flickr.
– preserve chronological order.

Should be a server side script I guess. If possible would do the work on its own, in one shot, not activated album per album.
I couldn’t find any on the web, what I found was many people waiting for such script… Flickr, would you hack that for us, please free us!!

Deadline: 30th of September.

Any takers?

Update 2005-09-27:
We almost have a winner! -> Flickr Forum thread

Update 2005-10:
We definitely have a winner.
I shared the $200 between the coder and the maker of some libraries he used.

Update 2005-11:
It’s live. Thanks!!

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